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Over than 10 years teaching all around the Globe, I will be happy to assist you.

Here you can do a request for:

  • Drum clinic

  • Master class

  • Private class

  • Online class

  • Music or Drum consulting

  • Core of Research and Development of Art and Music


If you are a drum school, music conservatory, university, professional drummer or a simply student, please send a message for more details.

Usually Drum clinics and Master classes involves good number of students and can last up to 4 hours.

Private and online classes can be arranged in accordance with both.

-  Core of Research and Development of Art and Music  -

“Let’s clean the path between you and your art”


Here, we work together with other musicians (drummers or not),  as a family and we will learn, practice, bring inner questions that touch our music emotionally creating sometimes good results and sometimes bad. I will help you to develop resources to keep your music journey positive and meaningful. In other words, connecting you with the art you carry inside yourself.


This is a long-term project. Our schedule includes every month meeting with 6 members per core. If you want more info or see if you qualify for the core, don’t hesitate to send a message here.



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