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My Personal Recording Studio


Join my PRS!
(Online Service)

Get drums, percussion, production or consulting for your production here!

Equipped with the best gear for drum recording such as tube and solid state pre amps and the best mics in the world, you will be able to get the sound of the world's greatest productions in your music. 

The tracks can be provided in Protools file, Logic file, single multi tracks, mixed (stereo track), or totally raw for your later edit. 

All you need to do: Send me as little as a regular mp3 with your background track or your Protools/Logic sessions, all your technical requirements (sample rates, formats) and your musical directions (charts or suggestions) and I will share my love and soul in your music!

You will save a lot in studio fees, sound engineering, transportations, rental gear and the most important: TIME! 

Just try it.  You are welcome for two complimentary recalls. 

If you need a producer or co-producer for your project or any kind of consulting, please send a message here.

*This is an online service only. Anything different will be charged different. 

Please contact here for a quote:

Success! Message received.

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