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Tama Star maple (click here)

14"x18" or 14"x20"  |  8"x12"  |  14"x14"  |  16"x16"  

5,5"x14" STAR reserve Vol.1 Snare 

6"x14" STARPHONIC Aluminum Snare

The Classic Stand Hardware Kit 

Zildjian cymbals (click here)

15" Kerope Hi Hats.

18" Kerope with 8" A custom splash on top.

20" A Custom Flat Ride or 20" Kerope or  20" Avedis with rivets.

16" K Sweet crash with 6" A custom splash on top.

18" K Constantinople Crash with holes or 18" K Cluster Crash.

22" Kerope.

20" K Light Flat ride with 8" Trashformer on top.

18" Breakbeat ride with 5" prototype mini cup on top.

22" Kerope Swish with 8" efx #1 on top.

16" K efx, or 16 K Custom special dry crash with 4,5" prototype. splash bell on top.

Vic Firth sticks - Rafael Barata custom (click here).

Remo drumheads - Ambassador coated (click here).

Latin Percussion - Full set (click here).

Stageworks gear pedal mattress (click here).

QSC K Series Speaker Monitors (click here).

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